How to cover a car seat

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About this course

In fact, this basic course is an introduction to automotive upholstery by doing a cover for a real car seat.

I consider the performing of this seat a basic procedure to understand and make more complex designs.

A real car seat as the one of this course is composed of 3 main pieces: a seat cushion, backrest cushion, and a headrest. With this course we will learn step by step how to disassemble each one of its parts and how to reupholster them.

The most important step you will learn in this course is the making of templates gotten from flat regular pieces and irregular surfaces which have rounded contours.

Good Luck!


1 Description and disassembling

Duration: 11 min

  • Description of car seat
  • Car seat disassembling
  • Removing of seat cushion cover
  • Removing of backrest cover
  • Removing of headrest cover
  • Removing of rails

2 Marking on foam cushion and measuring to get pre-molds

Duration: 12 min

  • Process of marking on foam cushion
  • Process of measuring on foam cushion
○ Top small front piece
○ Top big rear piece
○ Top lateral piece (bolster)
○ Top small rear piece
○ Long lateral piece

3 Marking on foam backrest and measuring to get pre-molds

Duration: 23 min

  • Process of marking on foam backrest
○ Marking central guide lines on backrest front face
○ Marking central lines on backrest reverse side
○ Marking on backrest foam front face
  • Process of measuring on foam backrest (Front face)
○ Big front piece ○ Small upper piece
○ Front side piece (bolster)
○ Lower front short piece
○ Lateral side piece
  • Process of measuring on foam backrest (Reverse face)
○ Short upper piece
○ Short lower piece
○ Central side back piece
○ Lateral side back piece

4 Marking and measuring on foam headrest to get pre-molds

Duration: 6 min

  • Process of marking on foam headrest
○ Marking central guide lines
○ Marking central piece
○ Marking lateral piece
  • Process of measuring on foam headrest
○ Central piece ○ Lateral piece

8 Headrest molding process

Duration: 30 min

  • Headrest molding procedure
○ Molding big piece ○ Molding small side piece ○ Marking of reference marks ○ Making of holes for headrest posts

7 Backrest molding process (Reverse face)

Duration: 49 min

  • Backrest molding procedure (Reverse Face)
○ Molding upper rear piece ○ Molding central pieces ○ Molding lower short piece ○ Molding lowest short piece ○ Marking of reference marks

6 Backrest molding process (Front face)

Duration: 1h 28m

  • Backrest molding procedure (Front face)
○ Molding big lower piece ○ Molding small upper piece ○ Molding side piece (bolster) ○ Molding lateral piece

5 Seat cushion molding process

Duration: 1h 05m

  • Procedure to get molds on cardboard
  • Seat cushion molding process
○ Molding small rectangular top piece ○ Molding big rectangular top piece ○ Molding top lateral piece (bolster) ○ Molding half surrounding lateral piece ○ Molding small rear piece ○ Marking of reference marks

9 Marking, cutting and foaming process

Duration: 55 min

  • Seat cushion marking, cutting and foaming procedure
○ Marking and cutting of central top panels ○ Preparing, marking and cutting of side and lateral panels ○ Preparing the listing bags ○ Foaming of two top big panels ○ Sewing the edges of central pieces ○ Marking allowances on long lateral panel edges
  • Backrest cushion marking and cutting procedure
○ Marking and Cutting of Side Bolster ○ Preparing the two short back junction pieces for J-clips ○ Determining the seam allowance for "upper male J-clip" ○ Determining the seam allowance for "lower female J-clip" ○ Marking and cutting of two rear junction pieces ○ Making of two holes for upper perforated vinyl backrest panel ○ Displaying the vinyl pieces for backrest
  • Headrest cushion marking, cutting and foaming procedure
○ Marking of central piece ○ Marking of lateral pieces

10 Seat cushion sewing process

Duration: 56 min

  • Long surrounding lateral panel sewing process
○ Preparing the long surrounding lateral panel ○ Sewing the junction seams ○ Marking and oversewing the lower curved end ○ Sewing the thin wire sleeve
  • Central panel sewing process
○ Sewing the central panels and listing wire sleeve ○ Sewing the side bolsters and their listing wire sleeves
  • Rear piece sewing process
○ Sewing the 'listing steel wire' sleeve ○ Attaching and sewing of rear piece
  • Final attatching of surrounding panel to top panel
  • Oversewing the seat cushion cover
  • Preparing and inserting the listing wires
○ Inserting the thin wire for long panel ○ Inserting the steel wires for top panel

11 Backrest cushion sewing process

Duration: 1h 24m

  • Backrest cushion front face sewing process
○ J-clips sewing process ○ Preparing the listing sleeves ○ Marking the listing sleeves for hog ringing ○ Sewing of transversal "listing bag" to main panels ○ Backrest frontal face display ○ Preparing the lower binded edge of lateral panel ○ Sewing the lateral panel to bolster panel ○ Oversewing the lateral panel to bolster panel ○ Sewing of side panels to central panels ○ Final sewing of small lower piece
  • Backrest cushion back face sewing process
○ Sewing of rectangular panels and listing bags ○ Basting the lower and upper panels ○ Sewing the lower and upper panels ○ Attatching the back face to front face ○ Final sewing procedure

12 Headrest cushion sewing process

Duration: 21 min

  • Attaching and sewing of headrest cover
  • Sewing of J-clips
  • Sewing the side panels to main panel

13 Fitting the cover on seat foam base

Duration: 12 min

  • Hog-ringing of top panels
  • Adding foam pieces to side bolsters
  • Fitting the cover

14 Fitting the cover on backrest foam base

Duration: 32 min

  • Fitting procedure for backrest cover
○ Foaming of bolsters
  • Preparing the sleeves and inserting the rigid steel wires
  • Fitting the backrest cover
  • Attaching of J-clips

15 Fitting the cover on headrest foam base

Duration: 15 min

  • Fitting procedure
  • Assembling of headrest to backrest
  • Assembling of backrest to cushion frame
  • Assembling of rails