How to cover round seat with an oversewing

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About this course

This basic training would take you to have a better understanding about seam allowances. If we respect the given measures (1/2 of an inch for this project) hence, the sewing procedure will be easier and you will get a precise cover that fits perfectly onto the foamed wood-base.


As in former video the leather cover has two parts: a main rounded panel on top and a long lateral panel which goes all around the seat.


It is very important to learn how to take right measures to precisely cut the leather pieces...and not to be guessing what is the right way to proceed.


With this training you will practice once more the first closing sewing or blind stitches and how to do the flat-felled stitches as reinforcement or decorative stitches.


This course have a wider purpose, that is to prepare you to understand bigger projects on car seats or furniture...I would say to become in a real upholsterer!


Good Luck!