How to double-stitch and do foamed pleat

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1 h 55 m

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About this course

This is another basic video about automotive upholstery (the use of french seams, how to make foamed pleats, and an introduction to foamed designs.. It is another basic training that will prepare us to understand and accomplish bigger projects if you follow these simple instructions.,


It is very important to know, understand and master the basic sewings which are used in upholstery: blind stitches, flat-felled or oversewing stitches, double or french-stitches, piping or welting and the bindings.


Besides, you have to learn how to properly make the foamed pleats (on top stitches and inside or blind stitches), etc...and, over all how to take the right measures and get the required templates with their respective allowances.


Good Luck!


How to double-stitch and do foamed pleat

Duration: 1 h 55 m

  • Description of our project
  • Tracing the templates
  • Understanding and gettin our templates
  • Determining the width of the pleats or channels
  • Preparing the real foamed piece
  • Sewing the pleats or channels
  • Sewing the edges of the "U" form piece and the "long lateral panel"
  • Attaching and Sewing the "U" on top piece to the "central pleated piece"
  • Attaching the "long lateral panel" to the "main panel"
  • Sewing the "Blind Stitches"
  • Preparing the cover for the "French seams" or "Double Stitches" on top
  • Sewing the "French seams" or "Double Stitches"
  • Fitting and stapling the cover down over the wood-base