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We are a familiar team with the best willingness to devote our complete time to develop, edit and upload first quality Upholstery Courses to all the people interested in this trade.

Cechaflo is an upholstery Youtube channel created in 2009. Up to now, we have more than 380 videos and more than 330,000 subscribers. The user's feedback avails and backs up this humble experience addressed to all the people worldwide interested in learning this craft.

César (Cechaflo) is an old car trimmer with more than 40 years of experience and responsible for the manufacturing of the different upholstery projects.

Our next challenge is introduce to all interested people our first basic courses to start learning this trade. They could be taken as a hobby or to start out an upholstery business.

We hope to please you with all these new basic courses

Thanks and Good Luck on this New Adventure!

Cechaflo's team.

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