Frequently asked questions

Who are these courses for?

These courses are aimed to everybody who want to start out learning upholstery from zero or professionals who want to improve some new techniques.

What will you learn in these courses?

The students would be able to understand how to make patterns and templates, how to trace and cut the upholstery materials. In fact, the student will be able to understand and perform any kind of car interior seats.

What teaching methods are used in these basic courses?

We are using a visual method following procedures sorted on purpose to first understand that these techniques are not so difficult.

What materials and tools should I need to start out?

The basic material to start out would be vinyl. The basic tools and other accessories would be shown in the videos, such us the working-table, scissors, rulers, squares, pencils, sewing machines, hog ring pliers, staplers, etc.

How many times can I see my course?

The courses are on the Yoube platform, once the purchase is made you can see it unlimited.

How can I buy a course?

Go to the courses section, select the one of your interest. Click on add to cart, input your gmail address and make your payment. Once your purchase is finished you will be redirected to a page where you will find a download file with the instructions to access.

How can I see my course?

Access to Youtube platform with the Gmail address that you provided us.

What is the difference between these courses and the youtube tutorials?

These basic courses will show tips not shown on the youtube videos, and each step is explained in detail. In addition, they do not have advertisements.

Can I download the course?

For reasons of security and protection of these courses, it is not possible to download them.

What are the payment methods?

  • PAYPAL. Secure payments are done through the Paypal platform. If you do not have an account you can create it.
  • WESTERN UNION. Make your payment in cash by Western Union, contact us to know the process. *It may apply extra taxes for shipping according your Country.*

Do the courses have subtitles and voice?

You can find that information in the course description.