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How to cover a car seat






In fact, this basic course is an introduction to automotive upholstery by doing a cover for a real car seat. I consider the performing of this basic seat a process to understand and make more complex designs in a near future.

A real car seat as the one of this course is composed of 3 main pieces: a seat cushion, backrest cushion, and a headrest. With this course we will learn step by step how to disassemble each one of its parts and how to reupholster them.

The most important step you will learn in this course is the making of templates gotten from flat regular pieces and irregular surfaces which have rounded contours.

Good Luck!




How to cover a car seat

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       ► Basic level


                • Duration: 9h 31m 

                • Videos: 15

                • Voice: No

                • Subtitutles: Only English




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