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How to cover a plain seat with an oversewing





This basic video is aimed to beginners and will teach 'two common and basic seams' at a time (blind stitch and flat felled stitches) used to do upholstery. It will also teach how to pattern a seat.

This basic training will make you understand in a near future how to do real seats. The practice on small seats would make us save material and have a better understanding of the trade.

Good Luck!

How to cover a plain seat with an oversewing

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       ► Learn at your own pace

       ► Basic level


                • Duration: 1h 35m 

                • Videos: 1

                • Voice: Yes

                • Subtitutles: Only English

                • PDF included

  • Duration: 1h 35m


    • Determining the measures of our project

    • Making the templates (without allowances)

    • Verifying the templates and adding the "references marks"

    • Making the templates with allowances

    • Testing and understanding the templates

    • Choosing the material

    • Tracing the patterns on the wrong side of the material

    • Cutting the pieces

    • Choosing the right needle and thread

    • Choosing the right length of the stitches to do the first "closing sewing"

    • Doing a "helping guide of 1/2 of an inch wide in the "slide plate"

    • Basting and sewing the cover

    • Doing the flat-felled seams as a reinforcement

    • Adding foam on the surface of the seat

    • Fitting the cover and stapling it down

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