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How to wrap in leather a car door panel

This course teaches one way to customize an OEM panel in leather as if it were done from the factory.
You will learn how the leather can be tamed to make it softer and pliable in order to shape it. 

For this demonstration I have used the stiffest leather. Of course, you should choose a softer leather for your job.


It is taught how to wrap in leather the two parts of a door panel which are frequently reupholstered: the upper elongated trim and the armrest. 


By learning how to approach these two parts you will understand the process and be able to cover the whole door panel.
The disassembling and assembling of the pieces are also taught with some tips included to solve minor issues. 


If you want to step to the next level and upholster the complete door, bonus videos will be your guide in the process.

Good luck!

How to wrap in leather a car door panel

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                • Duration: 6 hours 

                • Videos: 9

                • Voice: English





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